Independent Practice


A Woman at Home is based on my experience as woman, mother, wife, photographer, and housekeeper. The concepts of identity and inner-self are integral to my practice, and through this body of work, I examine the relationship between femininity and domesticity.

This dialogue between self, body and experience is explored in a gentle way, enabling the work to become an intimate documentation of self-discovery. The themes of mother and womanhood helped reveal new directions and ways to literally balance private and domestic life with a career as a photographer; moreover, it worked as some kind of therapy. Working within my own domestic sphere, with my own child, enabled me to push boundaries of art and life––reflecting, meditating, and engaging.

A Woman at Home is presented as series of portraits and documentary photographs accompanied by transferred photographs onto domestic fabrics and materials. By transferring an image onto the fabric, I am introducing a physical process into this body of work. This process became a therapeutic reflection on the woman’s routine, obligations and memories; also the use of different kinds of fabric is evocative of domesticity and home.